7 things you still don’t need to know

If you thought Monday’s re-post was a little bit about me (yeah, I know I said it was, so how could you not think that), check out this useless information.  Most of it’s still true too.  Not that I’m fickle or anything.

I’ll be back Friday with all current issues.  I bet you can’t wait.

(By the way, Thing 3 is my favorite.  And I wish I hadn’t written Thing 5.  I’d rather be publicly humiliated by talking about my food waste.  Now I should rename this post 9 things you don’t need to know.)


I’ve got Twitteritis.  Or at least a twitter-bug.  I spend far too much time (just ask anyone who doesn’t twitter) in inane conversation of 140 bits or less with friends and family.  And what has it gotten me.  Well some of you, dear readers.  Which I am eternally grateful for.  But in addition to that?  I got tagged to do this post.  And it has nothing to do with the Compact.  At least not yet, maybe I can weave it in before the end.

My good twitter-friend @jamield convinced me it would be a good idea to write a post listing 7 things most people don’t know about me.  She was doing it.  Heck, apparently lots of people were doing it.  All I had to do was ask 7 other twitter-people to do it.  It’s like a chain-post-tweet thing.  Can you tell I’m doing this off the cuff and don’t have a list in my head yet?

Okay, here we go…


Thing 1) I’m a Shaquille O’Neal fan.  I have been since his early days.  I listened to his first attempts at rap music. I’m really glad he’s a good basketball player and didn’t need to rely on that as a sole career. I even follow him on Twitter.

Thing 2) My favorite singer is Eddie Vedder.  For those of you that actually know me you probably think this is just a lame attempt at sucking up to my husband so he will do something nice for me.  But it’s really not.  True, he’s the reason I listen to Ed as much as I do but I have come to love his voice.  I could listen to him every day.  It’s the gravelly (?), sexy, rock-ish voice that soothes my savage soul.

Thing 3) I lived in a treehouse for almost a month.  Not as a protest, as a free residence which just happened to be in the woods.  It was a long time ago.  I was a lot younger.  I could climb trees.  A lot of friends were camping that summer.  One particular friend built a house with a door, a window, a bed, a stove and a front porch.  It just happened to sit 10 feet above the ground.  I sublet it for a month.  I’m really glad I did.

Thing 4) I was supposed to be named Tiffany.  Thankfully my grandmother stepped in and forbade my drug induced mother to do such a thing.  (No offense to any Tiffanys out there.  It just doesn’t suit me.)  Grandma nicely insisted suggested that I be named after my grandfather.  Luckily he wasn’t named Horace (it is a family name).  He wasn’t named Leigh either.  That’s my middle name.  I love my grandfather but when I decided I wanted to change my name I chose my middle name.  My mother was less than thrilled.  I’ve thought about that a lot in the naming of my child and future offspring.  Don’t give them names you don’t want them to use.

The Princess Bride
The Princess Bride

Thing 5) I’ve had plastic surgery.  Not intentionally.  I mean, I meant for the doctor to do what he did, I just didn’t go in for plastic surgery.  I had to have sinus surgery.  In through the nose.  Did you know they can perform rhinoplasty while they’re there?  Neither did I.  So when the doc told me I said “sure, just take off that little bump”.  It took 2 days to recover from the rhinoplasty and 3 weeks to recover from the sinus surgery.  It’s the X + Y factor.

Thing 6) One of my all time favorite movies is The Princess Bride.  I even owned it once.  (Sas-ymama if you’re reading this, I’m sorry.  I don’t know what happened to it.)  It’s not just the fantastically romantic story or the fact that my husband will now say to me “As you wish”.  It has some of the funniest dialogue I have ever heard.  It’s a classic for-the-adults kids movie.  Anybody want a peanut?

Thing 7) My favorite food is mac and cheese.  Yes I know, there are truly wonderful things out there like lobster and a perfect rare filet mingon, not to mention sushi on the whole.  But really, when I think of my favorite things mac and cheese always comes to mind.  And I have to confess, I love Kraft Deluxe Mac and Cheese in the blue box (the one with the weird bag of cheese spread) more than any other.  I’ve had some really fantastic stuff (yes you @jamield) but I’m just being honest.  It’s a childhood thing I guess.  Just one of those things I can’t let go of.  Kind of like I can’t let go of eggplant.  It is without a doubt my least favorite food.  In all it’s forms.  I don’t like it.  Please don’t make suggestions, I’ve had it again and again.  I will teach my children to try everything at least once.  I’ve tried it.  Yuk!

Well, nothing about the Compact but don’t you feel like you know me better now?  Wish you didn’t?  Just be glad you’re not one of the seven I tag.  Unless you are.  Then good luck!


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