fashion weak

Angela, over at My Year Without Spending, wrote a post about The Skirt.  The skirt that tempted her to break her Compact resolution.  She didn’t do it.  But she did pose the question about how to avoid the temptation (and high price) of fashion.  Her closing comments included the statement:

“there’s no reason you can’t be stylish without spending tons of money. You can buy less trendy clothes and wear them longer. You can shop secondhand. Or you can eschew fashion altogether. That’s probably the most effective way to break the addiction.”

This made my head rear back in affront.  (Not really, but doesn’t that sound like a great effect?)  It did make me think though.  I am certainly not addicted to shopping.  Even when I could shop in any store I wanted I never really liked the act of it.  And I’m not sure I’ve ever really been in fashion.  But I do like to appear fashionable.  So the idea of eschewing fashion to save money just made me shake my head.  Nope can’t do it.

Lucky for me, the next blog post I read was over at say YES! to hoboken where Liz modeled this gorgeous tee.


Best of all, she made it.  I love the look and it affirmed my belief that fashion doesn’t have to have a price tag.  Although I won’t be making one for myself as I look ridiculous in ruffles.

If Angela is staying out of the fashion houses to ease her addiction I guess I’ll have to put away the computer because seeing pictures like this one


just make me crave a new camera lens like nobody’s business.

*no animals were harmed in the making of this post but I did take a portion of Angela’s post out of context.  That’s the way my head works.  And if it weren’t for secondhand I’d have no cashmere.


2 Comments to “fashion weak”

  1. Funny, Leigh. I sound like a stern taskmaster, or a buzzkill.
    The post was a bit tongue in cheek. But maybe it was too radical to suggest eschewing fashion altogether. I hope no necks were broken!

  2. One of my passions is clothing.

    My view is to choose clothing that is to understand what your body shape is and choose clothes that suit your shape.

    Also to gain an understanding of what colours suit you and wear those.

    Thirdly, choose well made clothing in quality fabrics.

    So the focus is on personal style rather than fashion.

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