are weekly accounts weak?

Boy giving his vote to girl

I’m having a tough time decided whether to keep the weekly accounts posts.  I still make my weekly menu plan and we certainly track our budget.  I just don’t know if anyone cares to see it other than us.

I can tell by my blog stats I have more than 10 readers, but you are a very quiet bunch.

That’s okay.  Just knowing you’re there is nice.

Bud I do have a question I hope you will answer, it won’t require you to reveal your identity or even post a comment.  Just take this survey and I will listen to the masses.

I want you to be totally honest with me on how the machine makes you feel (can you name that movie?), I won’t be hurt if it’s a resounding “don’t care”, I will just fill the space with something more (or less) interesting.

Thank you for your help in this incredibly important decision.  (There was humour there.  Just sayin’.)


3 Comments to “are weekly accounts weak?”

  1. I am seriously impressed with the way you have kept the blog going through the hardest days of your pregnancy and especially now with the demands of two little ones.

    Don’t know how you find the time or energy, but it is appreciated.

  2. I love the weekly menus….I could not even begin to follow your budget but I have become so much more conscious about buying food for specific meals and food waste after reading your blog these last months….keep posting!!

  3. We love what you are doing, don’t change a thing. My daughter, Jennifer and I discuss your blog several times a week. We laugh, are inspired by it and have learned a lot. Young lady you have more than 10 viewers, you would probably be surprised at how many of us are out there and look forward to your blog everyday. Perhaps we if we don’t speak up you won’t change what you are doing. DON’T CHANGE A THING.

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