it’s in the bag

target tree

If you’re not already saving money at Target plan to start soon.  Along with smaller stores such as Whole Foods and Sprouts Farmer’s Market, Target will be giving a 5¢ credit for each reusable bag shoppers bring with them.

USAToday had the full story

The Target program, which will roll out on Nov. 1 at all 1,700 Target stores nationwide, could save billions of plastic bags. The chain posts upwards of 1.5 billion transactions annually — most ending up in more than one bag.

A pilot test in 100 Target stores earlier this year resulted in a hefty 58% reduction in plastic bags used, says Shawn Gensch, vice president of marketing. “The best-case scenario is that we’ll have 100% success and every consumer will use a reusable bag.”

I’ve been using my own bags at Target for a while, now I just get paid for doing it.  What’s not to like.



7 Responses to “it’s in the bag”

  1. They’ve got the right spirit, but 5 cents per bag really isn’t much incentive. Then again, I’m not a high volume shopper. I’m usually only getting one or two Target bags and re-using them as trash can liners.

    What they should do is start instructing baggers to put more stuff into each bag. Pet peeve of mine–one or two small items warranting their own bag.

  2. Target seems to be one place that I often forget to take my bags (although I’ve got a million stockpiled in the car now). Maybe this will be that little extra reminder my overtired little brain needs. Thanks!

  3. Our local grocery stores offer a 5 cent discount per bag too. After 20 trips, or 1 year for us, the bag pays for itself (I paid $1.00). Never mind the environmental benefits.

  4. Hey Leigh- saw the same article and was going to post it today, but realized it was Halloween.

    I think every little step like this is good news.

  5. Good to hear that Target are using a reward system of the 5c Credit for every bag you bring.

    In Australia, however, Target are charging 10c for every bag they provide, ie the penalty system.

    I wonder why the different approach?

    Oh well, the bottom line is less new shopping bags, so it is the end result that is really important.


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