food waste


Every week I talk about food waste. Why? Other than it’s so cool and fun? In the hope that it will make me aware of how much food (and money) I’m throwing away when something gets tossed in the garbage and not eaten.

Americans waste more than 40 percent of the food we produce for consumption. That comes at an annual cost of more than $100 billion. via Wasted Food

Kristen, over at The Frugal Girl started documenting her food waste in March 2008, added pictures and then challenged her readers to join the fight. Don’t be a Grouch, keep it out of the can.

Just a quick post to say that we are doing a great job of cleaning out the freezer, have made a huge dent in the cupboard and there’s little more than condiments in the fridge.

And I haven’t thrown a single thing away to do it.  Not even the fortune cookies I found that are probably at least a year old.  I figure Toddler L will think himself so lucky to have such a special treat.  And it’s not like a two year old is much of a fortune cookie connoisseur, a little staleness will not be noticed.

It may not be the most economical choice but it is husband’s one desire to not move food so we are eating everything we can and will buy new (local) goodies to stock the (new) cupboards.

Now back to my packing.


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