weekly accounts


A big part of my keeping to a budget has been menu planning. Each week I take a look at what’s in the cupboard and decide what to make for dinner each evening. Breakfast is every man for himself and lunch is dependent on whether the husband is home or not. Planning dinners has allowed me to shop sales and make sure the food we buy gets used and not thrown away. Plus I love to find recipes and then ignore them when I cook, the menu plan gives me a starting point. So let’s see what’s on for this week…

I am not even attempting a menu plan this week.  We move on Wednesday and I’ve spent the past six days packing boxes.  I hate packing the kitchen so I don’t even want to spend any mental time there right now.  Our meals will come from the freezer and cupboard, be simple, easy and use no more than two pans, a spoon or a spatula as everything else is packed.


We are using a system that is somewhat based on $80/week for grocery and non-edible and the $50 a week budget. Each week we calculate how much we spent overall and I announce if we are under or over budget.

eating out – $49.42

grocery – $7.99

grocery non-edible – $5.42

Apparently sending the husband and Toddler L away for a few days is all my budget needs.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for feeding my family.


3 Comments to “weekly accounts”

  1. Hope everything goes smooth with your move. I just discovered your blog. We think alike! I look forward to reading more.


  2. Good luck with the move, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I don’t really understand your food budget reports. Do you eat out, or do you budget $50 for eating out and that’s the amount you are under budget? In other words, are you spending around $49 each week eating out and only $7 on groceries?

    I hope your move goes smoothly. It’s always such hard work and I bet being right before the holiday adds another layer of complication. Hang in there.


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