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Saturday, November 14, 2009

it made my day

new day

I saw this site and just had to share.  It has nothing to do with the Compact or frugality or environmentalism or design or anything at all really.  But it made me chuckle and that’s worth something.

It Made My Day!!  Little Moments of WIN is a collection of everyday situations.  There is nothing terribly special about the situations except that they may be funny.  Here are some moments that made me laugh,and look for new opportunities to say IMMD.

I was digging through my old first grade notebook today. In response to a prompt that read “I am happy to be a kid because…” I wrote, “I can sit on the toilet backwards and yell Yeehaw!” IMMD.

There was a power outage in my dorm, and while I was walking through the pitch black halls someone started whistling Luigi’s Mansion. IMMD!

My 12 year old daughter ran up to me with her iPod. She put one earbud in each nostril, cranked up some tunes and the music came out of her mouth. Then she opened and shut her mouth making it seem like the music was going on and off. IMMD!

Do you have an IMMD moment?

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Monday, September 7, 2009

not my fantasy

Sometimes I talk about food.  Sometimes I talk about being frugal.  Sometimes I talk about being environmentally aware or the Compact or even design issues.

This is about none of those things.  This is about sports.

The husband is a big sports guy.  And every year he partakes in the ritual known as fantasy football.  If you don’t have a husband or significant other that is so inclined you can stop reading now, this will all mean nothing.  (Unless you are the football person in the house, you may see some of the humor.)

In addition to being a fan of make-believe football teams the husband is a fan of the Sports Guy.  AKA Bill Simmons.  The Sports Guy writes for ESPN.  Sometimes his wife (AKA The Sports Gal) will say a few words in his articles.  I know this because the husband (my husband) will make me suggest I read an article sometimes.  I read.  And I enjoy.  Now mind you, I am not a sports gal myself.  At least I wasn’t when I wasn’t a missus.  Now a little bit has rubbed off.  Like knowing what fantasy football is.  But I digress.  Actually this whole post is a digression.  But who else am I going to tell about this stuff?

Back to my story.  The Sports Guy is also a fantasy football guy.  This year he went to Vegas for his fantasy draft.  (Lost yet?)  And he wrote about it for ESPN.  And I read it.  And I really enjoyed it.  So if you are into fantasy football, or know someone who is, I recommend you check out this story.  (It concludes here.)  You might also like it if you have been to or understand anything about Las Vegas.  Or are looking for some insight into a guys’ weekend.  Just be forewarned, you may need to ignore all of the name dropping sports references.  I didn’t know who any of those people were and I still enjoyed the piece.  (Another forewarning, he writes like a guy.  Just sayin’.)

I may be a kid-wrangling, environmentally-friendly, Compact living, designer gal but I can still enjoy a sports story now and then.  Maybe your life is just as diverse.  I share in the hopes that it is.

(And if anyone reads the article and laughs please come back and tell me.  I’d really like to know I’m not alone in this strange world.)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

alloy artifacts

toolan example of the specialty tools produced by Bog, a No. 328 piston ring groove cleaner

What do you do when you find the most interesting looking whatcha-ma-thingy at the Goodwill but have no idea what it’s actual name or purpose is?

Head over to Alloy Artifacts for their extensive guide to the who, what and why of almost every hand tool manufactured in the 20th century.  If your thing-a-magig has any writing on it at all you will most likely be able to find manufacturer, patent and name in the extensive listing.  Be prepared to take some time though, this is truly old-school with no search box or thumbnails.

Still, to find out what that whatcha-ma-callit does this is the place to go.

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